Welcome to Nordeste!


To travel in the Nordeste county is primarily to penetrate deep within a land made of peace, tranquility and unforgettable beauty.

It is to go through this piece of distinctive land on the island of São Miguel with breathtaking views, superb valleys, mountains and towering mountains, waterfalls and refreshing streams. It is to jump from viewpoint to viewpoint, which one the most beautiful (the only certainty is that they are the most beautiful of the Azores, perhaps the country) and gaze the eyes in flower beds that make Nordeste the most flowery municipality.

It is to enjoy the gastronomy and hospitality that Nordestenses know like few.
To visit Nordeste is also to see the development and the progress that April 74, the Regional Autonomy and the Local Democratic Power boosted, with better accessibility, basic sanitation infrastructure, sport, leisure and culture, urban planning and economic development without losing its culture and its values ​​that define its own identity.

In recent decades a new generation of Nordestenses, imbued with a new spirit and new wills, sent for the destinations of the county, continuing the work and the struggles of so many generations, to put Nordeste in the Azores map.
This is the challenge that moves us – the construction of progress and well-being of those who live here, conveying to visitors the thrill of being in a land that preserves its best legacy for your comfort.
We will do everything so that those who visit us keep the image of a land and a people that are worth a second look!