Miradouro da Serra da Tronqueira


The Miradouro da Serra da Tronqueira is located along the road called Tronqueira, which is a secondary road towards the municiplaity of Povoação (near the road to Faial da Terra).
This look-out spot allowas an imposing view of the Serra da Tronqueira and Pico da Vara, the island’s highest mountain, 1103m, and also of Pico Verde, 931m.
habitat. All around we find endemic vegetation that has been replanted by a local project, called LIFE Priolo, dating from 2004. The project allowed the irradication of invading species and the careful maintenance of local flora since that date.
There we come across species such as, the Azorean Cedar (Juniperus azorica); the Azorean Blueberry (Vaccinium cylindraceum); the Azorean Laurel/azorean Sweet Bay (Laurus azorica) and the Azorean Holly Ilex azorica).