Parque Endémico

Lomba da Fazenda

The first village following Vila do Nordeste, called Lomba da Fazenda, there’s the look-out spot of the Parque Endémico do Pelado, accessible from this village. Located at a relatively low altitude from the ocean, it is closer to the sea. Due to this proximity of the ocean, the soil is less fertile and the vegetation is scarce. Here one can find plant species that date all the way to the origin of the island, which is very rarely found anywhere else in the islanf«d of S. Miguel. The presence of such endemisms, originated the park’s denomination – Pelado (meaning gaunt)- due to its arid soil and scarce vegetation. Among the species found are: Faia-da-terra, (Morella faia/Myrica faia); Bracel-da-rocha, (Festuca petrae)and Urze (Azorean heather – Erica Azorica).