Pico do Bartolomeu


The Miradouro of Pico do Bartolomeu is located at a dead end road, though easily accessible by a local road that exits Parque Florestal Cancela do Cinzeiro and goes all the way to where some telecommunication anthenas have been placed, high up in the mountain. Pico Bartolomeu offers a view over the East coast of the island comprising the municipalities of both Nordeste and Povoação. Another interesting detail about this look-out spot is the existence of high altitude endemic vegetation, the so-called Azorean Laurissilva. In spite of the invasion of other plants, namely Lilly-of-the-valley or Madeiran Sweetpepperbush, the area abundantly contains endemic species belonging to the original high altitude Azorean humid forest.
This look-out spot belongs to the protected area of Pico da Vara/Ribeira do Guilherme which coincides with the Priolo area, endemic Azorean bird species, which lives exclusively in this eastern part of the island. This bird species can sometimes be observerd at this particular spot, specially during the summer.