Nature Trails



The municipality of Nordeste is located in the roughest area of the island São Miguel, where the oldest rocks of the Island (with an approximated age of 4 million years) surface. The volcanic eruptions is this region were essentially of a basaltic nature, but not very explosive originating the formation of cones of slag- currently very degraded by erosion- and abundant fields of lava flows.

These relief features offer unique conditions for the contemplation of the landscape through pedestrian routes, which extend throughout the municipality, from the hills to the coastal areas.
In Nordeste we find the highest altitudes of the Island as well as the largest forest area, which in themselves are attractive for trekking. The highest elevations are Pico Redondo (980 m), Pico Verde (932 m) , Pico Bartolomeu ( 881 m ) and Pico da Vara (1105 m ) , the latter being the highest point of the Island of São Miguel.

The Pico da Vara trail is one of the main trails in the municipality, but there other possibilities that can be enjoyed by the visitor, mostly municipal routes.
From the coast to the mountains passing through some urban areas – thanks to its architectural and cultural value – Nordeste offers a wide variety of routes that invite you for a longer and peaceful stay.

We would like to point out that some of the municipal trails available here are not totally signalized, and the municipality is working in this direction. To find out if the trail is signalized, read the information that accompanies it.

To know better the set of walking trails and routes Nordeste offers you must visit the Tourist Information Office. The homologated trails of the municipality are available at

Before crossing the trails in protected areas, ask for the prior authorization of the competent department of the Regional Government on here.


For safety reasons, some of the routes should not be used between October and May;
For safety reasons , it is not advisable to follow the trails on bad weather on in times of storms, heavy rains, strong winds and landslides;
Before starting a trail or route, you should get information from the authorities on the safety conditions;
Before starting a trail or rout , should check the weather forecasts and the Regional Civil Protection;
Stay on the marked paths;
Stay on the trails and don´t step on the plants;
Don´t pick plants and don´t disturb the ecosystems;
Take the trash with you, keeping the trails clean;
When you go for a walk, tell someone about the route and avoid walking alone.
Beware of dogs near cattle pastures;
When walking on the trails that cross roads, pay attention to traffic;
Take water and food with you;
112 National Emergency Service
296 488 111 Nordeste Volunteer Firefighters
296 480 112 Nordeste Police
296 480 090 Nordeste Health Centre
296 480 060 Nordeste Town Council (Nordeste Civil Protection Municipal Services
295 401 400 Azores Civil Protection Regional Service and Firefighters
In a group, with the family or alone, the walking trails and routes of Nordeste take us to the memories of times when accessibility by land was very difficult, thus increasing the feeling of isolation in the municipality.