Geochaching in Nordeste

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game played throughout the world for travelers of all ages, equipped with a GPS device (Global Positioning System). The general rule is to locate small boxes on the ground, called geocaches or caches, and then share experiences online.
A player (geocacher) can put a box (cache) anywhere in the world, noting its location on the GPS and sharing it with the existence of their location online.
Geocaching is an activity with a strong sense of cooperation and community, besides being a mode that promotes nature conservation and environmental awareness.
In Nordeste are several geocaches, distributed points of interest and natural heritage. To find the address see, inserting the CG Code.


Nome da Geocache Código de GC URL
XII Jamboree Açoriano GC1VBV7
À descoberta do Priolo GC34X8K
Boca da Ribeira GC3669Y
Cancela do Cinzeiro GC2AMPF
Endémicas do Pelado GC34X8H
Fajã do Araújo GC379W1
Farol do Arnel GC3669V
Miradouro GCAE48
Miradouro do Pesqueiro GC379VZ
Moinhos da Ribeira do Guilherme GC34XGD
Parque da Ribeira dos Caldeirões GC379XV
Pico Bartolomeu GC34X8P
Pico da Vara GCKC67
Ponta da Madrugada GC370ZV
Ponta do Sossego GC370ZQ
Praia do Lombo Gordo GC366A0
Tronqueira GCK9AJ
Turfeiras de Sphagnum GC2WT7W
Vigia da Baleia GC1C9EA
Energia Eólica dos Graminhais GC40N6B