Parks and Gardens

Nordeste is rich in gardens and parks that extend throughout the municipality The forest parks in the locality of Pedreira and village of Nordeste invite you to rest. Here the air is even purer and eyes extasiam with the dense vegetation around.
Between Nordeste and Lomba da Fazenda, in Ribeira do Guilherme, the garden of Quinta do Moinho evidenced by the small waterfall and the flowers that line access to the water mill that exists there.
Later on, in Lomba da Fazenda, it is suggested a visit to Parque Endémico, to enjoy the local vegetation that flourishes here, very close to the sea.
The park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões is a reference point in Nordeste. Situated next to the regional road, displays a magnificent waterfall and an extensive garden, along which extend some water mills, one in operation and adapted to other support functions to the park.