Nordeste Village

In the main parish of the council of Nordeste, one can find the most relevant monuments of its architectural heritage. The centenary bridge of Sete Arcos, the Main Church of Saint Jorge (“Igreja Matriz de São Jorge”), the Lighthouse of Arnel (“Farol do Arnel”, the first built in Azores) and several other old façade houses constitute its invaluable estate.
The Lighthouse of Arnel is located in a small fishing settlement of the parish called Lugar da Nazaré, which is one of the most picturesque areas of the council. Located at Ponta do Arnel, this lighthouse has a height of fifteen meters and a range of twenty five miles. Guided tours are available, allowing people to get to know how it works and to visit a permanent exhibition about the lighthouses of the Azores.
The Main Church of Saint Jorge, located near the City Hall of Nordeste, is the most important and beautiful church in the council. This church was built in the 15th century and has undergone several restoration works, either by need of expansion or due to natural disasters, as was the case of the earthquake of 1522. This temple has an interesting façade, the main altar is gilded over white, and a highlight is deserved to the alternating colours of the basalt pilasters of the three naves. It also has pictures of the former Franciscan convent and a picture of a sixteenth-century patron saint. In the village of Nordeste there are two other chapels: the Chapel of Rosário near the bathing area of Foz da Ribeira and the Chapel of Nazaré in the fishing settlement, near the lighthouse of Ponta do Arnel.

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