Achada is one of the most economically relevant parishes of the council of Nordeste. It was also the house of known literature personalities, starting with the poet Virgílio de Oliveira, honoured by a bust in the central garden of this small village. Like in other parishes, the Temple of Our Lady of Annunciation (“Templo de Nossa Senhora da Anunciação”) is the greatest part of the architectural heritage of Achada. The previous temple dedicated to this saint dates to the year of 1526. The contemporary building is a result of several alterations being the last restoration done in 1984. It is a small and very simple temple, consisting of a single bell tower. Its churchyard, serving as a viewpoint, is a scenic area where one can contemplate a bucolic landscape embellished by the blue sea.
The customs and traditions of this village are on display in the Museum of the Village (Achada), opened in 2006, in a building near the church. In Ribeira dos Caldeirões is located the largest nucleus of restored watermills in the region: five mills and two miller residences that survived the storm of 1986. One of these mills is still working, and daily, a miller recreates the traditional methods of grinding corn for the visitors. These mills date to the sixteenth century and like many others throughout Nordeste were the source of livelihood and income of many families. This park also has a Support Centre for Handicrafts, where traditional handmade products of the municipality are on sale.