It was in the small village of Achadinha that the liberal troops landed coming from the island of Terceira, in the final assault against the last Miguelist redoubt in Azores. This took place on the 1st of August 1831. It is said that the population of the village was hostile to the “liberal” forces. A monument, known as “Padrão das Almas”, was raised in 1957 in memory of the victims of this historic event, and it contains a tile taken from a small chapel dedicated to Saint Benedict (“Ermida de São Bento”). This chapel existed previously on the site that houses today the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (“Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Rosário”).
This church was built in the 16th century and as most of the religious buildings of this council was remodelled several times, most recently in 1882. It has a main body divided into three naves. The altarpiece of the main altar is gilded and was carved in 1734. Though humble, it’s carved garland graces this beautiful temple.
Achadinha was also the crib for several renowned names of literature, such as João de Melo and Adelaide Freitas. This parish has even restored an old family house in honour to the great novelist João de Melo making it a Cultural Centre.
One of the old rural paths that connected this to the neighbouring parishes, is now recovered and is a very sought-after walking trail known as “Terras de Nosso Senhor” (Lands of Our Lord). These are some of the many touristic offers that can be found in this locality.