Santo António

Santo António is a synonymous of magnificent views over the north coast of the island, starting by the viewpoint of Borda da Ladeira next to the regional road. Besides the beautiful landscape, this is a great location to watch the sunset.
In addition, one can find several activities that encourage the development of this locality, from gastronomy to arts and crafts. Here we can find examples of the latter on sale in the Cultural Centre Padre Manuel Raposo.
The church of the parish is one of the most beautiful religious gothic and manueline monuments of the island of São Miguel. It was built by the Priest Manuel Raposo and the locals between 1898 and 1906. Another reference is the Church of Our Lady of Fatima (“Ermida da Nossa Senhora de Fátima”), built by one local in the Lugar do Espigão, being the first church dedicated to this saint. In the celebrations of the 13th of May, a big mass is celebrated in this church, which is attended by many locals and islanders of the nearby parishes.